Six Shed members went on a 1-day Emergency First Aid at Work course at Hayling Library today. Great to know that we should have a good number of qualified first aiders when we're working in the shed. It was a most interesting an enjoyable day, and we hope even more members will be able to attend the next course in September. 

We are now meeting every Thursday afternoon from 2pm in the Shed (at the rear of the United Reformed Church at Mengham) from 4th July. We have enough chairs! (kindly donated to us by the church). 
New members always welcome.

The June issue of Shoulder to Shoulder, the newsletter of the UK Men's Shed Association, is now available at

It includes details of the Southern Network gathering on the Isle of Wight on 9th July, and news of the opening of the 500th Men’s Shed in the village of Blewbury, Oxfordshire.  The opening of the 500th Shed reflects the significant growth of the movement in the UK, which has seen the number of Sheds increase by 66% in the last three years.

Congratulations to our Chairman Gerry Johnson on receiving an 'Unsung Hero' award at the Havant Volunteer Awards 2019 for his work for Hayling Island Men's Shed.

We are delighted to announce that Hayling Island Men's Shed has been awarded a £10,000 grant from the National Lottery Community Fund! This will enable us to fully cover the cost of erecting and installing services to our new building which is due to commence during the week commencing 7th May.

Thanks for all the amazing amount of food donated by members last month to the Hayling Food Bank and Hayling Holiday Lunches.

Our Men's Shed shirts show our logo with a wooden hut. That was our original plan, but after consultation with Building Control regarding fire safety requirements, it was concluded that it would be more cost effective overall to go for a pre-fabricated steel building with suitable internal cladding. 

 See all our photos on the 'Gallery' page. 


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Here is a funny thing:

Terry Pratchett's writing is perhaps not to everyones taste and indeed if you have not read his earlier books you might get befuddled by his last full length book "The Shepards Crown". It contains one thing which is of interest to "shedders" everywhere.

He has a character Geoffrey who is interested in people and who finds that the older men of the village are going to the pub to get out of the house.

"I used to have control of a dozen men" complains one.

"I used to be a good carpenter" said another, "but now I just get in the way".

Geoffrey says "What you need is a shed. Not a goat shed or a sheep shed but a shed for men. You need a men's shed"

Well how about that!!


Having started the notion of a Men's Shed with 21 men turning up to the public meeting in November 2015, we now have a total of 42 members on our books.

We have been meeting every week in the United Reformed Church (small hall).  In the 7 weeks of meetings we have doubled our membership.

We have an adopted committee of trustees and an approved constitution.  Our first annual general meeting is scheduled for the 25th February 2016, where election of trustees and the constitution will be voted on.

Our bank account has been approved and is now open for deposits. The account name is; Hayling Island Men's Shed Association.



Our membership is still growing, now 48.  The AGM has been set for the 25th as mentioned above.  Agenda and invitations have gone out.

It will be our last meeting at the United Reformed Church, as from the 3rd of March our meetings will be held at the Royal British Legion, Legion Road.  Still on a Thursday afternoon between 2pm and 4pm.

RBL have kindly offered us part of their land to build our Shed and talks are ongoing with them to make it happen. It is hoped that we will be able to start work clearing the plot soon.  Keep watching this space.



Our AGM was held on the 25th February and a board of Trustees consisting of Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer, Webmaster and Project manager was formally elected.  The Project Manager's role will be to implement and co-ordinate the 3 stage work proposed for the development of the Men's Shed once agreement with the RBL has been approved.

In the meantime some of our members, lead by John Moore, have been busy working with other community groups  helping to restore the Stead Ritchie Memorial Garden in Selsmore Road, Mengham.  John has other community projects planned for the future.

Major funding for the purchase of a suitable building continues to be a high priority for the Trustees and its members.



A meeting with RBL was held on the 17th March to establish what progress they had made in getting permission from RBL Head Office.  Nothing has been forthcoming.  Hayling's RBL President was at the meeting and several issues were raised.  1.There appears to have been some misunderstanding between themselves as to the intended size of our Shed. 2. There was disagreement amongst themselves as to whether planning permission would be required as a result of the size.  3. Their President felt that HIMS members should be RBL members as they were on RBL property and using their facilities. and 4. The maximum Security of tenure would mostly likely only be 1-2 years and woud be reviewed thereafter. Further talks would to be held by them and we were to get back to them in 3 weeks.

On the 7th April there had been no further developements.  In the light of the issues above, especially 3 and 4, RBL's General Manager was informed that HIMS felt the proposition made by RBL was no longer viable.  A letter of thanks would be sent to their Chairman for the offer made and HIMS would no longer hold their meetings on RBL premises.

 As from the 14th April HIMS will return to the United Refomed Chuch, Hollow Lane, for their Thursday meetings.





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